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I have been writing emails over the past nine years chronicling my experiences to share with others. The best part is that I have lots of photos included:

2013 Emails

February 27 Fighting Sexual in Zanzibar- Zanzibar has become a model for others as to how to fight sexual abuse

January 14 Participate Now 2012  - Participate Now has accomplished some wonderful things during 2012


2012 Emails

March 13 Asia and Zanzibar update - I had an amazing trip to Thailand and Cambodia

2011 Emails

November 30 One Stop Center  An amazing story of the inception and implementation of a rape crisis center in Zanzibar

September 30 Koani and Ferry Tragedy An update of our farmers in Koani and the sadness of the ferry tragedy

July 2011 Zanzibar Update  An unrestricted donation is distributed to good causes

February 2011 Bangkok Bali  Another great medical visit to Bumrungrad and meeting my granddaughter Molly

2010 Emails

November End of Year Report Kendwa water progress, Welezo Old Age Home and Zanzibar sober houses

June 24 Update A very long update about the past six months in Zanzibar


2009 Emails

December 30 Holiday Blackout 20 days without electricity and counting

November 2009 Giving Thanks 2009 has been a year of many lessons learned

October 2009 Introducing Participate Now Zanzibar A wonderful party at Kathryn's house with Maulidi ya Homu

September 2009 Sharing With Others A visit to Welezo Old Age Home, Kendwa water tank and Participate Now Zanzibar

July 2009 Koani and Kendwa A study tour to various farmers and making new friends

June 2009 Kendwa Water Update Getting water is not easy - the preparation goes on and on

May 2009 Koani and Maulidi Many things have broken but Zanzibar is a wonderful and supportive community

April 2009 Kendwa Water Project We are ready to install water taps in Kendwa Village - we just need the funding!!!

March 2009 Bangkok to Zanzibar  A positive annual medical visit and returning to where my heart belongs for now

2008 Emails

December 2008 Participate Now  We have come to the end of our first year of listening, learning and sharing

November 2008 Kendwa Village  Listening and learning with the villagers in Kendwa - the quest for water - Halloween and the Marine Corps Ball in Dar es Salaam

October 2008 Mamma Kathryn "I am in a book!" In Search of Bill Clinton by John Gartner. Also - entrepreneur project update and farming project beginning

July 2008 Back Home in Zanzibar - the blackout may be over but there are lasting consequences

June 2008 Zanzibar Blackout - no electricity for more than 30 days - what to do!!

April  2008 DATA and Kitchen Gardens - an exciting visit from Jamie Drummond the director of data.org

March 2008 Participate Now! - My foundation is up and running and these are the projects that we are planning to do

March 2008 Baby Naming Ceremony - I was honored to attend a friend's baby naming ceremony - so much to learn

February 2008 Busara - read about the fabulous Sauti za Busara - our annual music festival

January 2008 Bangkok Medical Visit - Bumrungrad Hospital is a wonderful place to receive medical care

2007 Emails

December 2007 Participate Now! - read about a summary of the projects in Zanzibar

November 2007 Mloka Visit - Coastal Travel owner Nicola sent us to meet with some people living with HIV/AIDS in a rural village near the Selous Game Reserve

October 2006 - Decision - my birthday and my decision to start my own foundation Participate Now!

September 2007 - Selous Safari and surprise visit - safari  and a surprise visit to ZNZ for dinner by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and my Clinton "puppy" Tyler

August 2007 - Aga Khan visit and Maulidi ya Homu the Aga Khan arrives in Zanzibar and Maulidi ya Homu sing praises to the Prophet Mohammed

July 2007 - Makanduchi Festival and John Gartner visit the annual Makanduchi festival, President Clinton in Dar and the author John Gartner visits Stonetown

March 2007 - ZAPHA+ 2006 report ZAPHA+ had many successful projects in 2006

February 2007 - Bali Bangkok visit - my first visit to  India, Bali and Bangkok to visit my youngest son JD

2006 Emails

December 2006 - ZAPHA+ Success Stories members who have access to ARVs have a chance to stay alive, be productive and happy

November 2006 - Thanksgiving the "turkey" saga and Peace Corps volunteers for Thanksgiving dinner

October 2006 - My Birthday my life is never ever boring in Zanzibar

September 2006 - English Lessons English lessons at ZAPHA+ - opportunities for many members

February 2006 - ZAPHA+ 2005 report ZAPHA+ had a wonderful year - a visit from President Clinton and a new office


2005 Emails


December 2005 - Christmas - a truly international gathering to celebrate Christmas together

November 2005 - Election and Chejuu village visit the Zanzibar election and a visit to a rural village

July 2005 - President Clinton visits President Clinton honored us with a visit to the HIV clinic, ZAPHA+ and went shopping in Stonetown

July 2005 - ZIFF Joy and Sorrow the int'l film festival, a movie and a tragedy

June 2005 - ZAPHA+ elections democratic elections held by the members of ZAPHA+

June 2005 - Penthouse a tour of my beautiful rooftop penthouse movie set!

April 2005 - Penthouse - First Night my first night in my new penthouse in Stonetown

March 2005 - CD4 testing Clinton Foundation begins saving lives of many people in Zanzibar