OTCH Lycinan's Red Point Harry UDX OM2 TD JH OBHF VCX CCA

(CH Lycina's Big Bang CDX JH WC OS x Lycinan's Grinning Cricket JH WC OD)


New OTCH! - Oct 2012


Harry is owned by Eva Mazza, earned her OBHF and VCX, in May at the Hampton Road Trials, going back to back HT and HC! . Harry has 5 HTs and 9 HCs! This also qualifies her for her VCX! Harry The very next weekend, Harry earned her final leg towards her UDX! One Oct 15, at Simsonville, NC, Harry won Utility B and 24 OTCH points, finishing her OTCH!! Way to go!! Congratulations to Eva and Harry!

OTCH Harry