Lycinan's Tantalize CDX JH WCX VC OD

(CH Lycinan's Sonic Boom x Lycinan's Grinning Cricket JH, WC, OD)


June 17, 2008 - Feb 4, 2018


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Winning BW/WB

Tease is a GRCA Outstanding Dam

This lovely Boomer x Cricket daughter, Tease, is AM Championship pointed and has earned her CDX, JH and WCX. She is very birdy and a great marker. Tease has starting tracking.

Tease is a self exerciser and keeps her self in very hard condition. She has a lovely head, jet black pigment, beautiful dark golden coat and a fun loving temperament. A very fun dog to train and a snuggler in the evenings. She is one of our favorites!

Tease has been producing puppies that are outstanding in performance and have good conformation. She was a natural whelper and an excellent mother.

*********Tease was loved in her retirement with my daughter. What a fantastic girl she was. *********



Hips:OFA GR-101947G28F-VPI          Heart: OFA GR-CA17022/13F/C-PI
Elbows: OFA GR-EL23212F28VPI Eyes: OFA GR-EYE746/102F-VPI (1/17)

Thyroid: OFA GR TH1963/59F-VPI


PRA 1 & Prcd PRA normal

Ichthyosis carrier






Tease kids include: