Lycinan Goldens was started in the mid 70's in Austin, TX.. After a rough start of purchasing a couple of goldens who did not pass health clearances, I bought a lovely bitch from Tony and Sara Lynn Young. ( Jungold Golden Retrievers). She became my foundation bitch and earned an UD. I have since lived in Connecticut and Vermont with our dogs and have become familiar with many different dogs and breeders in all places. In 1992 my family settled permanently in Harford Co, MD.

I strive to produce golden retrievers that are not only beautiful and healthy, but who are very smart and retain the drive to retrieve. All of my own dogs are screened for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye abnormalities and heart abnormalities, and various diseases that have DNA tests. . Other health and longevity issues are also taken into consideration when choosing breeding animals. I am trying to breed goldens that have the potential to compete in the breed ring, the obedience and agility rings, at tracking tests and hunt tests. At the same time I anticipate that a large percentage of our puppies will become loved family members and function as a companion animal and thus try to breed dogs with temperaments that shine as family pets.

In the early years in TX, CT, and VT, I showed my dogs in obedience and breed. Two UDs were earned in the late '70 and early '80s. I dabbled in the conformation ring, but were on a limited budget so really didn't have money for professional handlers. My first Champion came in the mid-'80s Later, I have had much more success in the breed ring, continue in the obedience ring, taken up tracking and field work. Now, lots of the handling and training, in all venues, is done by myself, but occasionally professional handlers are used. Since the mid '90s there has been more champions and numerous obedience, agility and tracking dogs. In addition to conformation CH and GCHs, Lycinan has produced champions in other venues: OTCH, MH, MACH, TDX, RACH WCX dogs. I'm also very proud of some those dogs both of my breeding and those sired by my dogs that are doing therapy work.

My goldens are a blend of a number of different styles of golden retrievers. Since I started I have been attracted to both light and dark, American and European styles. I have felt that having a blend of lines and pedigrees ought to produce the healthiest dogs. To that end, almost every other generation is an outcross to some mostly unrelated dog, and frequently that dog will have a lot of the "European" style in his line. This has allowed me to keep the wonderful heads and varied pedigree, but by having the American dogs in the line also, I have been able to be competitive in the breed ring. This blending has worked very well.

I only keep dogs at my home that I personally love to look at and enjoy working with. The personality of my dogs is of utmost importance to me, and I do not keep a dog that I do not enjoy. Because I do not put a lot of time into training, I expect my dogs to learn very quickly so we can get into the competition ring. I need a very bright, trainable dog to accomplish this!

If you have purchased a dog from me I would love to hear from you! Please send me an e-mail or call. Remember that if ever you have a problem, or an unforeseen circumstance should arise where you need to find another home for your golden, I will be happy to either take the dog back or assist you in finding him a loving home.

Please send any comments or suggestions for improving this site to me. I would greatly appreciate input. Thanks for stopping by!

Cindy Williamson

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