Lycinan Skeet's Last Tango CDX

(August 31. 1988 - September13, 1999)

(Lycinan's Tejas Mesquite CDXx Woodwind Maple Margaret)


Tango was a wonderful girl was from the last litter sired by Skeeter. She was given to me as a stud puppy. She turned out to be a wonderful companion and producer. She was very tractable and a good retriever.

All of my current dogs go back to Tango. She died very unexpectedly, when her intestines turned on themselves. She was a healthy and active dog until the end.


Hips OFA good OFA GR34135G26F-T          Heart normal OFA GR-CA5647/13F/C-PI
  Eyes CERF GR 8591/98-123


Tango's Kids include:

  • Lycinan's Boogie Woogie CDX
  • Lycinan's Ducat Charlotte CD, TD, TDI, CGC
  • CH Lycinan's Sweet William CDX, TD, WC, VCX, OS
Tango Photos