MACH Lycinan's Little Man Tucker CD RN MXG MJC MXF MFS T2B CA



Whelped February 26, 2006

Owned by Don and Cathy Wittke

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(OTCH Morninglo Fire in the Sky UDX4 MH NA NAJ WCX VCX OS X Lycinan's Grinning Cricket JH, WC OD)






Tucker is an enthusiastic dog - smart, eager to learn and please, and a great companion. He is a very strong swimmer and loves retrieving bumpers or balls.. He is a Canine Good Citizen and a Registered Therapy dog. Though he has tons of energy and enthusiasm for training and exhibiting, he can temper it for obedience trials and at home as a wonderful housedog.

Tucker is moderate in size, measuring 23 3/4 inches and 75 pounds. He has a lovely, well proportioned head, strong topline and lovely rear. He is honey colored with ligher feathers. Tucker's coat is very easy to care for, whether following a swim in the lake or getting ready for trial. He is VERY athletic and energetic, clearing the agility jumps with inches to spare. He handles his body beautifully, always with great co-ordination. He is and extremely solid dog.

Tucker earned nine titles in the first 13 months of trialing in obedience and agility. He accomplished all this with his novice handler and owner. He also shows strong natural ability in early retrieving training. Don has had such a good time with Tucker, he wanted to share his joy of Agility by becoming an AKC Agility Judge. Congratulations, Don!!

Tucker is rated in the top 100 agility Golden Retrievers in 2009.


More complete write up of Tucker coming.....



Tucker is an awesome boy!!!

Hips OFA GR-96859F31M-PI          Heart normal OFA GR-CA15256/31M/C-P
Elbows normal OFA GR-EL18944M31-PI Eyes CERF GR-41198




Tucker had one litter of 2 puppies in 2009. Here are photos: