CH Lycinan's Good Sport CD OS


9/7/07 - 1/20/17

He was a very good boy.


(Apollo Paddington's Jolly Roger x Lycinan Windancers Lo Lo Lola OD)




Elbows OFA GR-EL-20860M24-VPI


Eyes GR-EYE745-89M-VPI

Hips Good OFA GR-99200G24M-VPI          Heart GR-CA15564/12M/C-PI
Thyroid OFA GR-TH1694/24M-VPI   Prcd PRA, PRA 1, and Ichthyosis Normal





Sport is a moderate dog (about 23 1/4 and 75 lbs.) with very strong breed type. He has a lovely head with super stop, short muzzle and smaller, neat ears. Sport¹s pigment is jet black, and his eyes a darker medium brown. He has complete dentition with a correct scissors bite. His outstanding features include a strong front assembly (good angles, elbows tucked in), excellent length of neck, a LOT of pro-sternum), and excellent angulation front and rear. He is a very balanced dog to look at.

Sport's movement is strong and effortless with correct foot-timing. He is very light on his feet. Sport moves beautifully and has very good reach and drive.

Sport is a lovely medium gold color with light feathers. He has lots of length of feathers, and a medium length body coat. His coat is thick and straight and extremely easy to care for and get ready for the ring. After swimming, a quick shake leaves him almost completely dry.

Sport is a very good-natured boy who gets along well with others, both male and female. He is a very pleasant and easy house dog. He is also quite silly and cute in his mannerisms. Sport can jump very high from a standstill. He and my other stud dog, Flash, get along very well. Everyone who visits here wants to take Sport home.

Sport finished his CH in Aug, '11, shown by Katie Shepard for that last major. Jamie Campbell put the first point on him and I handled him the the rest of his points.

Sport became a GRCA Outstanding Sire in June 2015.

Sport's puppies are not just beautiful, but smart and talented as well. He has kids with CHs, AXJ, JHs, WCs, CDs, TD ,and even a HIT! . Congratulations to all! We are particularly proud of four of Sport's babies, born at Tarameg Golden Retrievers, who are in training with a therapy dog organization. He also has had multiple other puppies in Service organizations.

His puppies have tons of coat, lovely angulation and very pleasing, correct heads. He has been particularly strong in improving front assemblies. Sport has great prosternum, front angles and good neck. The personalities of his puppies are outgoing and upbeat.

For more current info on his puppies, please feel free to call me.

Sport died after surgery on Jan 20, 2017 to remove a tumor from his intestine. He is greatly missed. He was such a nice boy.


Congratulations to Sport's talented and lovely kids:

First five kids listed were those who made Sport an Outstanding sire, June 2015!

Thank you to breeders and owners!!