Lycinan Windancers Lo Lo Lola OD


10 points (Both majors)

Whelped 12/28/04-10/9/2018


(CH Lycinan's Big Bang CDX, JH, WC, VC OS x CH Lycinan's Give Me Liberty CD)


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Elbows normal OFA GR-EL15312F25-PI
Hips OFA GR-92119G25F-PI good          Heart normal OFA GR-CA11761/19F/C-PI
Thyroid OFA normal 59 mo    


Lola is a GRCA Outstanding Dam!

Lola is a wonderfully moving, well angulated girl. She has lots of energy and is very, very cute in her mannerisms. Lola won her first major the 3rd time I had her in the ring. She now has both majors, won from the BBE class, and 10 pts total. She is the littermate to CH Lycinan's Sonic Boom.


Lola has been retired and is living the good life with a wonderful couple and another golden in upper NJ. Thank you Jeanne and Dean!!



Lola's kids include:

Lycinan's Bosley Bear CDX

Lycinan's Venturesome Voyager CDX, RN AX MXJ MJP XF CCA

CH Lycinan's Good Sport CD

CH Lycinan's Mug Full of Cheer WC